Pedestrian Bridge

The footbridge connects two raised plateaus of a new park on the site of the former KRUPP steelworks. The 100 metre-long bridge forms the final part of a circular path within the West inner-city park, and in conjunction with the Canyon it forms the gateway to the Century Hall.

The V-shaped supports, which transfer their loads to large blocks, not only highlight the gateway aspect, but also convey the idea of crossing the valley on stilts.

The night-time illumination was developed as an interactive project together with lighting artist Achim Wollscheid. Movement sensors detect people crossing the bridge and a computer program converts this information into control impulses for the lighting, causing the light to follow people playfully as they walk across.

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Building Typology: Transport, Infrastructure
Location: Bochum
Country: Germany
Planning / Construction Period: 05/1999 - 10/1999
Order type: New Building
Client: LEG Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft NRW GmbH, Dortmund
Project Participants:
  • Structural engineer: Bollinger + Grohmann, Frankfurt am Main
  • Light Art: Achim Wollscheid, Frankfurt am Main
Scope of Services: Architecture
Awards: Renault Traffic Design Award 2003
BDA Award for Good Buildings 2003

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