The Way we work

Integrated planning with carefully-selected partners right from the start

The requirements determining architectural creation are complex. They lead logically to working procedures that involve working with partners and benefiting from their skills. Planning is first and foremost the art of organising clear, structured development processes.

Dialogue-led planning enables us to find new solutions

We work closely together with our clients and users, researching their needs as a basis for developing ideas that get right to the heart of the matter. Knowledge and creativity are used to the fullest possible extent in well-structured teamwork.

Our work is the product of characteristic local, cultural and climatic conditions

Buildings should be viewed holistically as a complete organism. They are characterised by the sparing use of materials and energy and should be readily adaptable to changing requirements. They enrich the sensory experience of users and observers alike.

Our aim is sustainability – conservation of the environment, resources and budgets

Buildings are essential elements of the global recycling economy. Economic contexts and ecological requirements form the basis for a new understanding of sustainable architecture, which reacts dynamically to its surroundings. We also pay particular attention to architecturally-integrated energy concepts.

We view sustainable development as an opportunity for innovative projects with long-term sustainability.

We consider our work to be at the heart of underlying social change. As a trusted partner to the owner of the building and as part of the planning team network, our responsibility is towards the client, society and the environment.

Our team combines many years of experience with youthful enquiring minds

The broad range of qualifications and experience of our employees and team players is a sound basis for the development of individual and innovative projects.

Broad-thinking research promotes new solutions

Projects that take account of shifting social paradigm shifts require new perspectives, new planning approaches and innovative technologies. We therefore combine our work with research and development, in cooperation with the world of science.