Scope of Work

Our activities include infrastructure, urban development, architecture and interior design.

Our practice has expertise in a comprehensive range of services, from project development to implementation. We plan residential and commercial buildings, office premises and production facilities, schools and educational institutions, laboratory buildings and health facilities, traffic-related structures, hotels and events venues, theatres and concert halls. Numerous architectural and urban planning projects testify to the practice’s experience and the trust of building owners, many of whom we have worked with for years. Our architectural approach is characterised by appropriateness and clarity.

We work at all levels, from urban development down to the choice of door handles.

Determined by the environment, we produce sustainably practicable arrangements in which life can develop. Planning therefore also involves being economical – with space, resources, energy, time and design considerations. Much of our future quality of life depends on finding the right answers to sustainable economies in construction.

We undertake new-build projects as well as work on existing buildings.

The majority of present-day construction work arises from our present building stock. We take care of these buildings’ suitability for future requirements, their resources, careful redesign and the sensitive use of space, surroundings and material, which preserve the old while to a reasonable extent expressing new ideas that are in keeping.

We are convinced that the quality of the built environment increases our quality of life.

Human life unfolds in public and private spaces. Successful planning takes account of issues relating to use, scale, function and light, to ensure that specific experiences and spatial qualities are provided. Our aim is to give people secure, pleasant and stimulating spaces.

A wide range of awards and prizes inspire us to strive for new successes.

Our unique way of determining our terms of reference and undertaking our work has gained us numerous national and international prizes and awards. However, we do not rest on our laurels, but constantly seek new challenges with the aim of coming up with new solutions and creating new identities. 

Our Scope of work: